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Best Company for starting Consulting Career as Engineer

Career start consulting Engineering
Recent activity on Jun 22, 2017
2 Answers
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Claas-Hauke asked on Jun 22, 2017

I am looking forward to change my proffesional career. I am currently working as project manager in the oil and gas offshore industry. I studied naval architecture and maritime technology to get my B.Eng. and to get a technical background.

Currently I working on my executive MBA which I will finish next year in April. Based on the lectures during my MBA study I am looking forward to help companies to solve their daily challenges in strategic-, HR- and Change management.

But it is tough to get perception by the recruiters of consulting companies with my special engineering background. Most of the negative reply is based on the words; your application looks very good but you don´t have the economical background we are looking for and it would be better if you have more consulting experience in your CV may be you can make an internship to gain more consulting experience.

I am very analytic and I have the theoretical economic knowledge of caused of my MBA study but it is not recognized.

May be you folks can help me a bit and tell me what is the best company to apply for consulting with engineering background.

Thanks in advance.


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Best answer
Anonymous A replied on Jun 22, 2017

Hi Claus-Hauke,

I would recommend three things:

1) Think about why you feel that a consultancy is the best way to apply yourself. There a obviously multiple ways to use what you have learned and leverage your particualy knowledge in industry companies or mid-size start-ups (Series B+).

2) a) Look at big companies that work in areas that would benefit from your expertise and have inhouse consultancy teams. One company that immediatley comes to mind is Thyssen Krupp, for example. They

2) b) Invest 9,50EUR in the current brand eins Thema Consulting

It has 30+ pages of consultancies segmented both by Industry and Functional Practices. It's a great overview that includes many hidden champions.

3) Go to MBB events and talk to recruiters. MBB benefit from people with specific knowledge in certain fields. The whole trend of hiring experienced hires is partially based on the fact that companies need more than a person who can calculate a NPV. They need insider knowledge of how specific types of business work. Your backround might fit the bill.

Good luck.

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Claas-Hauke on Jun 26, 2017

Thanks for information and strong support. I will check and keep on going. brand eins is one of my earliest standing order.

Cyrus updated an answer on Jun 22, 2017
Paris based MBA/engineer, interested in strategy & management consulting


I would recommend in-house consulting firms such as EON or Siemens that are technically driven and appreciate engineers. Accenture likes them also, and their recent acquisition Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC) could also be an option given your O&G background. In digital transformation there is Capgemini, Accenture, IBM, just to name the big ones. You might have more luck with management consulting firms (not pure strategy) and IT/digital.

Hope it helps, good luck!


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Claas-Hauke on Jun 26, 2017

Thanks for your support as well.

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