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Best advice you've gotten for the week leading up to an interview

NYM asked on Jun 05, 2019 - 4 answers
4 answers

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replied on Jun 06, 2019
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I would not train very differently until the day before the interview.

Until the day before the interview

  • be sure that your routine includes all the key areas (fit, business cases, market sizing, math specific prep, graph analysis).
  • prepare your questions for the interviewers in advance.
  • review all the mistakes you did in cases, which you hopefully wrote down in a “failure” xls or word doc.

The day before the interview

  • plan to stop your prep not too late (say 6pm). Don’t do further cases after it
  • prepare your clothes and material (eg printed CV) you need for the next day
  • after that relax and be sure you have a good night sleep.

The day of the interview

  • you can do some light prep a couple of hours before the interview (10mins math/brainstorming – no cases).
  • be sure to be properly relaxed before leaving for the interview - do what works for you better: listen to music, read something, exercise a bit.
  • don’t eat too fat rich food which can make you sleepy.
  • be sure to arrive 10-15 mins before the interview time just in case.



replied on Jun 05, 2019
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  • Sleep as much as possible
  • Continue doing cases every day
  • Prepare fit (Stories + backup stories) in both languages (If the interview language is not Eng)
  • Continue practicing fast math
  • Do some math the day of the interview


Anonymous replied on Jun 06, 2019

Hi there,

It depends on your current improvement areas. I would suggest you focus on those. For example, if you already practiced 50 cases, practicing 5 more will have only a marginal impact on your performance. Instead of this, I would suggest being very specific. For example, if you are not very well prepared to fit questions, then prepare for it. If you need to improve the structuring, you may want to solve only structuring part of the cases. If you need to improve math, practice only math...etc. In addition, reviewing your previous cases and remembering the key learning points can be a good idea.


Daniel replied on Jun 05, 2019
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Do a few mock interviews, prepare your PEI answers, but don't overtrain. Keep your head fresh and try not to panic. The more relaxed you are, the better for your interviews.