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Berylls Strategy Advisors

automotive Berylls Strategy Advisors Boutiques consulting germany
New answer on Sep 19, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 07, 2019

Can someone tell me more about Berylls Strategy (Automotive consulting), headquartered in Munich, Germany?

I am interested in their foot print in the industry, typical mandates, daily rates, prestige, work culture , etc

Thank you!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 19, 2019

Hey A,

BSA is a relatively young but very dynamic consulting boutique. One of my ex-colleagues from our Automotive practice moved there couple of years ago.

Among traditional topics like performance increase, process and orga optimisation, they do pretty much of the innovation stuff like digitization and new mobility services (autonomous, connected, electric vehicles, etc.).

Working culture is pretty good, since the company is still pretty small, so most of the colleagues normally know each other.

I can tell you more about mandates, rates, etc, if you contact me directly, since it's not publicly available information.

I hope it helps.



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Fei on Jan 28, 2021

hello, Thank you for the useful info! I am interested. Up for a chat? :)

Mikail Metin on Jan 29, 2023

Hey André, thanks a lot for the information. Do you think you can tell me more about it in private, too? Would highly appreciate it!

Mattis on Feb 22, 2023

Hi, if you guys are still keeping an eye on this thread: I'll interview for an internship soon and would be happy about any advise you could provide :)

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