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Hi PrepLoungers,

Can anyone shed some light on the BCG interview process for an experienced hire?

My (limited) understanding is that there are 2 rounds, a total of 5 interviews, and potentially a math test similar to the PST. But I have also read about some people asked to take a written test.

Thanks for the help all!

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 29, 2017


The process that you mentioned is correct, however, it varies from office to office. Some will not make you do any test and in some there will be only two rounds with a total of 4 interviews. The best way to figure that out would be to get in contact with HR of that office and clairify.


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Hi Anonymous,

the usual process is:

  1. Potential test or SHL/GMAT style test + Logic style test (most common logic test is the one with traffic lights). In some offices you may have a written test as well
  2. First round – 1-2 interviews
  3. Final round – 2-3 interviews

As mentioned in the previous answers, the process may vary according to the office and your seniority:

  • If you are an experienced hire you can usually skip the tests
  • If you have already another offer, have an excellent performance in the first interviews or the company is aggressively recruiting due to project needs, you can skip a certain number of interviews

From my experience, the average number of interviews for a full-time position is 5 and the minimum number based on the previous elements is 3.

Hope this helps,


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The basic BCG process is the following:

  1. Test
  2. Written case
  3. 5-6 interviews

Depending on the office you may not have to write a test / case. The number of interviews/interviews per day may vary as well.

So the best way to learn is to contact the HR person. Also, MBB companies have dedicated partners responsible for recruiting experienced hires. HR may connect you with that partner to discuss your particular case.


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Same as traditional hires

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