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Anonymous A asked on May 03, 2016

Hi everyone,

Just wondering whether any of you guys could share some non-typical "Personal Fit" questions that you have encountered during recent interviews with BCG in the DACH region (Munich Office in particular)? A friend of mine just had her interview and faced a question like "if you could choose to be an animal - which one would you want to be?"

Thanks a lot and good luck with all your interviews!

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replied on Feb 16, 2017
Ex-BCG Consultant / Interviewed 100+ applicants at BCG / Received offers from McK (US) and BCG (DE)


there are no "typical" fit questions at BCG Germany. It is up to each interviewer to shape this part to their liking / whatever worked best previously.​

In general it always helps to stay genuine (e.g., better think about it for a second; even admitting you don't know the answer is fine - definitely better than making things, which a good interviewer will always find yout).

Hope that helps a bit!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 23, 2020

Dear A,

Agree that there is alway room for the interviewer to ask you unpredicatble question.

The main role is to be genuine, normally reacted on any kind of stressfull questions and be ready to present you skills and qualitis under the different angle.

If you any further questions, feel free to ask.



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