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New answer on Mar 16, 2024
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 01, 2024

Can someone share with me if bcg middle east is hiring aggresively for summer interns? What is a typical headcount and pass ratio after final round for bcg middle east

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replied on Mar 03, 2024
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Hi there,

My understand is they are hiring. I wouldn't say agressively, but hiring is happening.

Who cares about headcount and pass rate…



Perform your best

If the headcount is 2 and pass rate is 5%, compared to 100 and 50%, does that change anything about what YOU DO? Nope!

Apply to lots of firms. Don't put all your hopes and dreams on one firm. Network a ton and get referrals. Get your resume professionally reviewed. Become a case interview master.

^It's that “simple”

How to Get a Consulting Internship - Tips and Tricks

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The Most Common Pitfalls in Case Interview Preparation

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replied on Mar 01, 2024
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Wow, that's a highly specific question that I doubt even the BCG ME HR have an answer to :)

Yes, BCG is recruiting. I currently have candidates in the pipeline for ME, though none of them are applying for internships. 

Headcount is impossible to tell - it varies by office, season, and business priorities. Theoretically, there is no headcount, in the sense that they employ as many good people as they can find, but in practice it's a bit different. 

Pass ration for final round I would say is 20-30% - but this is a gross average for top consulting firms, not for BCG and not for ME. 

Best of luck!

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Anonymous B replied on Mar 01, 2024

Can some coach please reply? I am nervous for it, my goal for life

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Anonymous C on Mar 14, 2024

Hey buddy! Which office did you apply to! Even I am waiting for my final round results for the internship at the ME offices. Wanna get in touch?

Anonymous B on Mar 16, 2024

Hey sure, lets get in touch. I applied to dubai office

Anonymous B replied on Mar 16, 2024

Hey man,

Have you heard back yet?

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Anonymous A on Mar 16, 2024

Nope. Did you also interview for intern? I assume its an automatic ding after about 3 weeks. But it was intern so am not sure However my interview went fantastic worry wherw it went wrong :) Did you hear back and when did you give it?

Anonymous B on Mar 16, 2024

I gave my interview for summer intern on 15th Feb. It went okayish I think coz there were unforeseen circumstances that happened during my interview 🥲 Anyway, when you say there is an automatic ding after three weeks, does it mean an automatic rejection? Because thankfully I haven’t received any negative news so far either 🥲

Anonymous A on Mar 16, 2024

I feel it is automatic rejection coz they aint replying to anything and I just feel they want to keep us in the loop

Anonymous A on Mar 16, 2024

Did you hear back?

Anonymous B on Mar 16, 2024

So I did get a reply from the HR saying that I will get to know before 25th. I have a couple of friends in the BCG Middle East offices and they have told me that the company is running extremely busy these days. There are events and the last week was entirely for the Preperation of Ramadan. Since, the day Ramadan started even the working hours, by law are reduced by 2 hours every single day until the end of the festive month. So they have a lot to do and even little time to respond. Maybe that’s why they haven’t been able to get back to you. Did you drop them a request for an update? How many times and when was the latest one? Also which office are you applying for? Saudi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha?

replied on Mar 04, 2024
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They are hiring, not aggressively, but hiring.

I don't think anyone here will be able to provide you a number and, to be honest, I don't see how it would make any difference. Sure, it's hard to get into, but not irrealistic. If you practice well, you have a fair chance.

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replied on Mar 04, 2024
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Yes, they are currently hiring!

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Ian gave the best answer


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