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Anonymous A asked on Sep 16, 2019

Has anyone sat the new BCG quantitative test for experienced hires? Is this a GMAT or PST style exam? I have not come across the platform (Cirrus) before.

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replied on Aug 31, 2020
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

Hi, I have some material available to practice it. Feel free to text me



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Anonymous B on Nov 01, 2022

Hi Antonello, would it be possible to access some of your free materials? Many thanks!

Anonymous replied on Aug 29, 2020

Dear A,

There are 2 types of BCG and Bain tests:

1. GMAT-like test with questions similar to GMAT

2. Online Test that is based on a case and has the questions closer to PST

So, I would recommend you to:

• Practice GMAT for BCG and Bain

1) Keeping your math trained with GMAT exercises is always a good idea. Free resourced can be found online, for example:

2) Also, tests that usually are for investment banks (with graphs analysis) are useful. Free resourced can be found online, for example:

3) Official BGC Potential test examples:

Practice PST. You can find some guidance on PrepLounge

You also can:

• Buy Viktor Cheng test prep program - the best materials I've seen so far.

• Practice your math.

Do the 2nd test and check the score

Also, you can find a good number of PST tests online.



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replied on Jul 16, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


I wuold suggest you to practice with GMAT.

GMAT unfortunately only gets better with practicing. Good news is that there are many ways of doing so!

There are free exams in the internet that you can use for practice (the one of LBS MBA page, Verits prep, as well as some free trials for courses such as the one of The Economist (

Hope it helps!



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McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews
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