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Anonymous A asked on Nov 29, 2018


I was wondering if anyone can provide a more in-depth review of the BCG London office. On Glassdoor, the ratings for the London office are significantly lower than other offices and I'm just trying to understand why that is. I'm focused particularly on the following:

1. Working hours - Are they typically longer in BCG London? What's the work life balance like?

2. Culture - Any insights into the team and culture?

3. Exit Opps - I've heard BCG London is one of the most competitive and so I assume it has some great exit opps.

4. Travel - Do folks in London travel more or less than in the US or Canada

Thank You :)

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replied on Nov 29, 2018
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From what I've heard from my friends:

1. Longer since London office is pretty intense

2. -

3. Think of the UK industries - PE, Financial Services, Retail

4. Depending on the role. There are many projects locally. However, the more senior you are - the. more you have to travel abroad.


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