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BCG London - experiences

BCG bcg london London
New answer on Jan 31, 2024
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 29, 2018

Hi all,

Hope you're doing well.

I am joining the BCG office in London in the Technology Advantage (TA) practice in a few weeks and wanted to get a sense of the following for the TA practice in general and BCG London specifically:

1. Type of work/cases: Is it mostly digital strategy or more of IT cost improvement, etc. (relevant

2. Work culture: How supportive / competitive is the culture overall at the London office? Is it any different for the TA practice?

3. Work life balance: How is work-life balance? What are typical weekly hours? How is the work stress like? Is it super variable or manageable? Does management actively help manage lifestyle?

I come from a consulting background so am used to the lifestyle fairly, just want to get a sense of how different / similar things are in BCG London. Glassdoor wasn't much help since I am looking for specifics like number of hours,

Thanks a ton in advance!

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replied on Jan 31, 2024
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

For anybody still looking into this topic, I always recommend that you go straight to the source, meaning:

1. Talk to the recruiter. They know everything about the role, the practice and the process of joining it.

2. Talk to current employees. They will be able to tell you how the job actually plays out in reality. 

Sharing a guide on how to handle these conversations:


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replied on Jan 31, 2018
Former BCG interviewer

One thing to add: TA practice has both a "directorship"/"expert" path but also a regular "partner" path. Therefore I would consider it very similar in that aspect to other industry/functional practices in BCG.

In terms of type of work/cases - transformation and cost rationalization are the lionshare

In terms of culture, specifically for TA, there is a slight difference with the industry practices in the fact that is more global rather than office specific (e.g. a lot of industry practices have informal nodes in specific offices due to the concentration of clients in the same industry near said office). What that means is that you might need to extend your networking outside of London office and take every opportunity to do so (practice events and so on).

Hope it helps,


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Cristian gave the best answer


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