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Anonymous A asked on Nov 22, 2018

Know a guy who got into BCG despite blatantly having lied on his resume. Does BCG have a comprehensive background check in place?

Because this is hilarious (almost everyone in school knows he lied)

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replied on Nov 22, 2018
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The background check is mainly about checking for any crimes or having the equity (Consultants are usually not allowed). Also in many countries (States in the US), the background check is heavily regulated. It is the duty of the interviewer to understand that the candidate is lying by asking him the right fit questions.


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Anonymous A replied on Nov 22, 2018

Not surprising at all actually! Quality of talent going to BCG has been on the downhill with them scaling up.

Wonder how the clients will react if they get to know about this

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replied on Nov 22, 2018
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To my knowledge, there was no real background check at BCG in the US; certainly, there was no drug testing even as just about every other company does.

The situation you describe is infuriating. When your 'friend' gets caught though, he will suffer the consequences. Karma works - there will be a day of reckoning

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