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Anonymous A asked on Dec 26, 2018 - 2 answers

I am joining Bain & Company from a smaller firm that is focused heavily on the public sector. While I knew that Bain is less involved in the public sector/govt space going into the interview process, I am curious about why this is the case and if this will change. I find working with govt clients to be quite exciting and more "blue skies" than any other industry, particularly in certain regions (such as Africa, MENA, Asia). Is Bain is looking to grow this practice? Seems that in MENA, they are distinctly behind McK and BCG because of a reluctance to work with the Saudis and other GCC governments.

Long-term I am more interested in private sector work anyways and I know Bain has similar opportunities in the social sector. Just curious to hear some experienced consultants insights into this topic.

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Anonymous B replied on Dec 26, 2018

Can't speak for the Bain experience, but pretty sure McKinsey is the one top for public sector work in most regions

That is not what OP is asking... — Ron on Dec 26, 2018

Anonymous C replied on Jan 14, 2019

I don't think Bain will do much public sector anytime soon:

* Public contracts become public. Bain charges a premium similar to McK and BCG - and both of them regularly get hammered in the media for any public work that becomes public (Think about the recent NYTimes article on McKinsey, about 3-4 weeks back)

* Bain just got burned badly in South Africa (South Africa Revenue Service)

* Bain is much smaller than the other too - resulting in a lot more growth potential without the hazards that come with public work.

While they'll take contracts that come their way, Bain's fee structures for public tenders always mean exceptions to budgets, which is never good for reputation (even if justified). That means Bain has fewer people with that experience, and hence fewer Partners that can credibly sell the projects.

Anyway, that's my personal 2 cents...

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