Bain Pre-Screening Test (SEA)

Anonymous A asked on Feb 12, 2019

I just received an invitation for Bain's pre-screening test in SEA region. I have heard about the one-way video interview as part of the screening. Can anyone share their experience with the pre-screening test? How should I prepare for the one-way video interview? I have been practicing the McKinsey PST for the test.

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MJ replied on Feb 13, 2019
Actively preparing for my upcoming MBB interview. Please drop me a note to schedule practice sessions this week.

Hi there,

I received the same invite. I heard about the one-way video interview as well but in the email I received, it only talks about the 25 MCQ 50 minute test. I am wondering if: 1) they have stated specifically in your invite that there is a video interview as well? 2) do you know if a calculator is allowed for the online MCQ test?

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you!

Which role are you applying for? My invite doesn't mention the video interview as well but that is what I've heard from friends who had applied to Bain previously. — YL on Feb 13, 2019

Applying for consultant. Does that make a difference? Ahh- would not be great if they didn't mention it in the email invite but yet have a video interview without prior notice. Just checking if your friends who applied to Bain had the same type of invite without notice about the video interview? — MJ on Feb 13, 2019

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