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Bain Interview Preparation


Hi fellow preppers,

If you're interested in practicing back to back sessions, with a serious partner, please get in touch.

About Me: Have practiced over 15 cases with consultants.

Interviewed with Mckinsey(2nd Round), Oliver wyman(Final Round) Deloitte(Final Round) and LEK.

Currently preparing for 1st round with Bain in 2 weeks.

Available for skype sessions: 6am-7pm (GMT) daily

Let me know if you're interested.


Atul Agarwal

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Hippolyte replied on 03/19/2016

Hey Atul, Also prepping for Bain's interview in 2 weeks. We can definitely practie this together. I'm available 6pm-9pm (GMT +1) daily. Best,


Anonymous A replied on 03/18/2016

I am interested as well.. Prepping for my McKinsey final round in 3 weeks.

Ying replied on 03/17/2016

Hey Atul, I have messaged you.



Maja replied on 03/17/2016

Hi Atul, I am also preparing for the Bain's interview, so we can practice together this weekend and next week, if you would like? I did around 10 cases untill now.



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