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Anonymous A asked on May 14, 2019

Hi All,

I am a 3rd year investment banking analyst at a top bank in London looking to make a move to MBBs. McKinsey and Bain are curretly not hiring for SBA or Senior Associate Consultant positions in London and am considering applying to the Geneva or Zurich offices.

Although I do not speak German or French, I am mother tongue Italian. Considering my lack of language skills am I excluded from applying to Switzerland and should I apply elsewhere?

I know of someone who does not speak German working in the Zurich office at BCG but am cuorious as to whether he is a one off.

Thanks for the info!

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replied on May 15, 2019
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To my knowledge German language skills would be required in the Bain Zurich office although there may be some exceptions. I do recall a Finnish guy working in Zurich and unsure what level his German skills were at. The offices for Bain where you can work with English only in Europe are London, Nordics, and Amsterdam.

Reach out to HR to get the best idea of what the requirements are at the moment.

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Daniel replied on May 14, 2019


generally, firms often require you to speak the local language, which is also stated in the application forms. I recommend asking HR for advice on that. They can give you a confirmative answer.



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Anonymous replied on May 20, 2019

Hi there,

at Bain Zurich speaking (Swiss-) German is definitely a plus, but not a strict requirement. If you speak English and Italian you can definitely apply.



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Axel gave the best answer


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