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Attire for final round interview

Anonymous B asked on Oct 12, 2017 - 4 answers

I have an upcoming final round at MBB. The interview is on a friday and I was told Friday dress code is Smart Casual (bus. casual with jeans) and I'm more than welcome to wear it, or if preferred I can wear a suit.

I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on which way to go, or in-between? (ie traditional business casual?) Or does this not matter in the least? I'm leaning towards wearing a suit since i feel I should dress professionally as possible for interview but am I at risk of standing out as overdressed?

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Xavier replied on Oct 12, 2017

You always dress in a suit for an interview. Casual Friday are for employees only !

Well said mate! — Anonymous on Dec 06, 2017

Ray replied on Oct 12, 2017


I'd go for a suit but not include other accessories (e.g. pocket square, tie, cufflinks etc.).

You want to be on the safe side but what you don't want is to visually overwhelm your interviewer, who is dressed smart casual.

Best of luck!

Anonymous replied on Oct 31, 2017

You definitely want to go the suit route. However, make sure to be on the conservative side and avoid things like pocket squares and cuff links. You don’t want to come across to flashy as you can turn interviewers off. Don’t be surprised if most of your interviewers are dressed business casual. Consultants dress business casual in the office almost always, but this also varies by office, with some European offices being more business formal.

Odeh replied on Oct 17, 2017

Dress the way you would meet a client and represent your employer. Period!