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Anonymous A asked on Dec 31, 2018

Dear Preplounge community,

is there anyone in this community that could shead a light on AT Kearney recruiting process? Specifically, Eastern Europe office experience would be preferred :)

From the practice recruitment test that I received from them it looks fairly diefferent from the MCK or BCG recruitment tests. Quantitative part seems to be A LOT more like GMAT than specific business related math etc. I heard its rather tough with 60 questions in 60 mins. Can anyone confirm, give any feedback on the test? any general info or suggestions for preparation would be more than welcome!

Also, if anyone can explain if there ATk approach to cases is any different to the BCG approach, or what could be expected at ATk would be greately appreciated!

Thank you!

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replied on Dec 31, 2018
ex-Manager - Natural and challenging teacher - Taylor case solving, no framework

I am an ATK Alumni from Paris, and have to admit I am surprised by the quantitative test non business related you're describing.

In general interviews are candidate led, and are indeed quantiative intense and sometimes operations oriented
- on a standard 60 min interiew, you can expect 15 min fit interview 40 mins case study, 5 mins Q&A

- depending on offices there could be specific interviews type, especially for juniors on first round such as "case synthesis"

hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach on mp for more specific advices.

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ex-Manager - Natural and challenging teacher - Taylor case solving, no framework
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