Are UK strategy houses mainly filled with Oxbridge graduates?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 28, 2018

How does big 4/OC&C compare with Oxbridge intake?

(full disclosure: I'm currently at Kellogg, College Oxford)

on Sep 28, 2018
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on Sep 28, 2018
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Hey there,

Traditionally, there was a very heavy bias towards Oxbridge, but this is slowly changing. Additionally, London office tends to be very international (at least MBB, for sure), so there are a lot of non-UK graduates.

I would say rough split is:

  • 50% non UK (i.e. top French / Italian / IrishUniversities, some Americans)
  • - 50% UK graduates, of which:
    • 80% Oxbridge
    • 20% non-Oxbridge (i.e. Durham, Imperial, LSE, etc.)

My impression of Big 4 is that there are still a lot of Oxbridge graduates, but that they take many more from other non-Oxbridge but good Russell Group universities.

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