Anyone with experience in Dalberg Interviews?

Anonymous A asked on Apr 06, 2019
on Apr 06, 2019
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:) Just happened to stumble across this. I'm currently an Analyst at Dalberg, interviewed at Dalberg around 1y ago and have recently been involved in an overhaul of the European interview procedure.

Ask me anything, ideally in this question's feed - I'll see where I can help (obvs can't give away too much).

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Thank you very much Martin. What are the main ualities they look out for in their FIT and Case interviews?
Hi Martin. Would you be able to give some insights about the mechanics of notch screening interview? Thanks
Anonymous B on Oct 08, 2019
Hi Martin, would you be able to provide some insight on how to prepare for a Dalberg first round interview? Any help would be much appreciated