Any guidance for preparing for R1 of Parthenon EY?

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 06, 2017

I usually come across multiple cases and guidance regarding preparing for MBBs. Any guidance for prepping for Parthenon EY? I have been practicing a few cases and Interview is in a week


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EY Parthenon Madrid

replied on Feb 25, 2018
Let me help you. Recently aced the interview process. Up-to-date tips and methods required to set you apart and land that offer.


I do not have experience specifically with EY Parthenon but I do have experience interviewing with other strategy consulting firms in Madrid. Don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any specific doubts.



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replied on Oct 08, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

the usual process at Parthenon EY consists of:

  • First round based on case + fit
  • Second round based on:
    • Case + fit
    • Group presentation (prepare in team a 30-min presentation for MDs)

As mentioned by Hugo, you can prepare for the first round using the material you have already found for MBB. As for the group case, my suggestions would be to:

  1. Don’t act necessarily as the group leader unless you are a natural one; you can get points for leadership as simply as helping the natural leader to manage the process
  2. Contribute helping to (i) structure the process; (ii) do double checks on math/analysis; (iii) respect the time allocated
  3. Be friendly and help everyone to participate in the discussion, in particular if you see that someone is not involved



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Anonymous replied on Oct 07, 2017

Be prepared for lead case interview. If you are prepared for MBB, you will get the offer.

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Oleksandr (Alex)
replied on Feb 15, 2018
Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise

Hi there,

The case is quite similar to MBB, yet less comprehensive.

Prepare like for the top company.



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updated an answer on Oct 23, 2017
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I wrote some advice here for Accenture group case:

My advice for the group interview:

  • Don't take a leadership role trying to organize and manage other people unless you are a 100% natural leader
  • Act rather like a contributor with: a) frameworks to structure the problem b) rough calculations c) Industry / functional knowledge (it helps to be a background in marketing or supply chain) d) creative ideas
  • Be nice and friendly with everyone and don't try to show that you are better than others. Rather impress with contribution and impact

Good luck!


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replied on Sep 30, 2021
Bain | EY-Parthenon | Roland Berger | FIT | Market Sizing | Former Head Recruiter

The “typical” case includes

  1. Structuring
  2. Market Sizing
  3. Growth Drivers on the market/How to grow the business
  4. Chart interpretation

I have some recently retired cases from EY-P, and organize sessions based on those, so let me know if you are interested.

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Luis gave the best answer


Let me help you. Recently aced the interview process. Up-to-date tips and methods required to set you apart and land tha
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