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Any extra material for McKinsey PST?

McKinsey McKinsey PST PST
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Abdelrahman asked on Jan 19, 2018
Looking for solid partners. Currently preparing for Bain, McK, BCG and ATK interviews

I am preparing for McKinsey PST and I need more material rather than the official ones.

Can anyone share the material they have with me?

My email a***********@a*******.edu

Thanks Alot

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Tania replied on Jan 19, 2018
Experienced consultant looking for case partners to practice with -

Hi, I have an additional PST I can share. If you send me an email at t*****@l*** I will respond with the PST attached. Tania

Abdelrahman on Jan 21, 2018

I sent you an email

Ben on Feb 11, 2018

Dear Tania, my name is Ben. Thank you for sharing your email here. I have sent you my email about the request for McKinsey PST materials. Please kindly check it. Thank you.

Eman on Aug 05, 2018

Hello Taina, i would appreciate if you can share the materials with me too, i have the exam in a week. my email is: e***********@g****.com ...thanks in advanced.


Jada on Feb 11, 2019

Hello Tania, I can't seem to see your email address. Could you please share with me via p*********@g****.com. Many thanks.

Angela on Mar 26, 2019

Hi Tania, I was wondering if you can send me the PST materials at a*******@u****.edu. Thank you in advance!