Any advice to prepare for SHL numerical test?

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Anonymous A asked on May 29, 2019

I was invited to take the online assessment in a few weeks for a position in McKinsey & Co. Wondering what is the best approach to prepare for the numerical part of the SHL, are there any good resources to learn fast math tricks? I've tried a few practice tests but still feel a bit short in time, as I only get a few seconds to solve each question.

Also, does anyone know what the minimum score is to pass to the interview round?

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Anonymous updated the answer on Jun 03, 2019


there are numerous websites you can google for, you might like this one:

My favorite trick of all times is squaring numbers ending in 5, e.g. 75²:

  • You simply take all digits preceding the 5, in this case the number 7,
  • then, multiply it with the next natural number, i.e. 7x8=56
  • finally, you "add" 25 to it giving 5625 - done

There are many mental math tricks out there that come in handy; other interesting tricks include e.g. multiplying two numbers that are close to 100.

Enjoy :)

Best regards


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replied on May 31, 2019
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For fast math tricks, rocketblocks can be helpful! My coachees are getting great results with that.



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