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Kortes asked on Oct 24, 2017
Looking for solid partners. Currently preparing for BCG, PiP, AGIS, Delta Partners interviews

Hi all,

Does anyone know whether case interiews at Agis Investment are candidate or interviewer-led?

Its first round interview.

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replied on Oct 31, 2017
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I have no particular answer for Agis Investment. But what is more important - it may seem for you that these 2 types of cases are different, however, the interviewer-led type is just a simplified version of the interviewee-led case. My advice is to always prepare for an interviewee-led format so that you could solve both types easily.

What to expect in the interviewer-led interview:

  1. Interviewers will ask you a) To make a structure (issue tree) b) to drill down in some branch of your structure and calculate something. Or they may even ask to analyze smth unrelated to the structure c) They may ask additional questions or questions on creativity (e,g, list 10 ways to increase revenues). Make sure you answer in a structured way

What to expect in the interviewee-led interview:

  1. You ask clarifying questions in the beginning and make a structure
  2. You lead the case through the structure you've prepared a) asking questions and trying to identify the root cause of the problem in the branch of your structure b) making a transition to the next branch c) proactively calculating the data and making data-driven conclusion from the data they give you d) Making a conclusion when they ask you to finish a case


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Kortes on Oct 31, 2017

Thank you so much Vlad

Vlad gave the best answer


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