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New answer on Feb 28, 2021
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Alina asked on Feb 25, 2021

I have an upcoming interview for Accenture Interview. What would you answer to the question:

1. Why Accenture

2. Why Consultant banking/ digital and mobile solutions?

3. Why technology advisory (Cloud, Agile, AI)

4. Why IT Consulting?

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replied on Feb 25, 2021
MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi Alina,

Shoot me a message and I can work with you to tailor your answers specifically to Accenture and your role - it's important that you answer these questions genuinely and don't just copy paste other people's answers!

That said, here's what I did to ace all 8 of my interviews:

Resume walkthrough

  • Needs to be chronological
  • Only keep important details that make you look good (i.e. I worked across 7 industries and rose up the ranks twice in the course of that role)
  • Keep a theme of "why consulting"
    • I.e. at each step you need to show that you both got exposure to aspects of consulting AND thrived + enjoyed them
  • Finish with: And that's why I'm here today looking for consulting with your company

Why Consulting

  • You need to summarize what you did before along the theme of consulting aspects you liked and consulting aspects that were missing
  • You then combine those two - i.e. I know I like + am good at x, y, and z which is required for consulting, and I really am excited to get a, b, and c
  • You finish with a "mini" why x company

Why x company

  • Start with a "mini" why consulting
  • Then have 2-3 reasons why x company is your target
  • Every "reason" needs to incorporate 1) That you know they value x 2) That you not only value x but have exhibited it and done it in the past
  • Be very very mindful of what they want you to want

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replied on Feb 25, 2021
Bain | passed >15 MBB interviews as a candidate
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replied on Feb 25, 2021
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

Hi Alina, regarding the 1st question I would mention:
- Practice expertise. In most of the areas you are talking about they are market leader
- Exposure and Impact. Working with top management makes things happening.
- Exceptional people. The level of colleagues is unique and working with brilliant people really motivates you


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replied on Feb 26, 2021
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


Those are indeed the most typical FIT questions.

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Furthermore, you can find 3 free cases in the PrepL case regarding FIT preparation:

Feel free to PM me for disccount codes for the Integrated FIT Guide, since we still have some left from the launch!

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replied on Feb 28, 2021
Ex-Mckinsey|Certified Career Coach |Placed 500+ candidates at MBB & other consultancies

Hi Alina,

Do research about the company and make sure that your values and skills are suitable for the position.

Make sure that your answer is structured properly:

  • Keep it short (1.5 minutes max)
  • Use storytelling techniques (Structure your speech!)
  • Try to get the interviewer to participate, e.g. while telling about your experience in place XX, ask them whether he has been there

The more you practice, the easier it becomes for you to come up with a nice and suitable answer.

Hope it helps,



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MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep
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