A good approach to benchmark competitive position of a firm?

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New answer on Apr 12, 2021
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Roberto asked on Apr 10, 2021

What are the best way to analyze the competitive position of a company?


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replied on Apr 10, 2021
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Hi Roberto,

Here, the main statement is "Is my product better than my competitions' products in the areas that my customers care about?"

In general, a Product, Company, Competition, Customer, framework could work. Of course, there's no one-size-fits all and you need to learn to adjust you framework/casing to every single case based on the industry, objective, client, etc.

I also note that you've posted a lot of questions recently. Have you considered coaching? 1-off Q&As are not the best approach to building full knowledge of the business world + casing!

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Roberto on Apr 10, 2021

But you are only considering the product value, not others capabilities...

Ian on Apr 11, 2021

Yes...there are also a LOT of other things I've left out here. You are also asking for a full framework to analyze a firm's entire competitive positon...you are not going to get a full comprehensive response on a Q&A - that comes from actual coaching!

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replied on Apr 12, 2021
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I would make hte following approach:

In my mind, think of the 5 Ps of Porter

Having those elements in mind, mention them, as well as moats and walls.

Furthermore, always see the vission and mission, gives many clues.

Hope it helps!



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Ian gave the best answer


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