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mehrasa asked on Sep 26, 2020
I am a business consultant. I am preparing for BCG/ Bain. Would like to work with advanced/pro members

dear Community members and coaches,

have a look at this case and appreciate to offer the appropriate framework for this with recommendations

Prompt: Yermakov Ltd, a US-based clothing company with stores in 65 countries and 100 000 employees based around the world, is in the process of “ its image In addition to continuing to use its traditional supply chain and the manufacturing process for many of the Yermakov clothing lines, Yermakov is also introducing new, local lines of fashion Yermakov’s ability to do this is based on the company’s ongoing acquisition of a dozen high-end boutiques and specialty clothing shops These acquired businesses exclusively use fair trade sourcing, have close relationships across their supply chain and buyer base, and in general are much smaller in size that Yermakov the largest employee base of any of the companies being acquired is 120 people These employees have deep, specialized knowledge about their industry and are passionate about local fashion and local business Yermakov Ltd has spent the last year working with another consulting firm to analyze and finalize its recent business acquisitions Yermakov is now approaching Deloitte Human Capital because, six months in to this new post acquisition era, the company is experiencing what one of Yermakov’s senior staff referred to as “growing pains A large number of employees who worked for the acquired companies declined offers to continue working under the Yermakov umbrella, and customer acquisition and retention in the local fashion market has been lower than expected This is making long time Yermakov employees anxious, which is affecting their day to day performance Yermakov has approached Deloitte Human Capital for help stabilizing their workforce and communicating a compelling change agenda?

regarding the clarifying Q&As: they acquire companies in the countries they have already presence// thee is no Yermokov employees in the acquiring stores// In general, there has been one-month prior notice of acquisition

thank you

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Anonymous replied on Sep 28, 2020

Dear Mehrasa,

I would recommend you to look attentively at Case Librar on a PrepLounge and try to find similar cases their.

If you really want to practice your structure and hypothesis - you can take a session with coach. Me and my colleagues on the platform will be happy to help you.



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replied on Sep 29, 2020
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I would look for similar cases (expansion leveraging M&A) in your situation.



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