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2nd tier offer before MBB

Anonymous A asked on May 15, 2019


I got an offer from a second tier consultance before i started the process with Mck&BCG. We talked to a partner in Mck few weeks ago & I got the impression that I have the chance to be invited for an interview.

In this situation, shall i accept the offer & go on with the process with MBB within 1-2 months (so resign from the second tier one in a short term) or decline the offer at all & wait for MBBs?

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replied on May 15, 2019
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Have you signed with the 2nd tier yet? If not, what's the deadline? Ask to extend the deadline.

If they won't extend, that's a tough call - first try to qantify your "change" with MBB. If there's a 50% chance you get an interview with one of them, that's really rolling the dice.

Another important piece of information: Are you currently working? Is your cash flow fine?

M — Doruk on May 15, 2019 (edited)

Anonymous replied on May 15, 2019

delay start date tier 2 and interview with mbb

Vlad replied on May 15, 2019
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I would recommend delaying the offer. Once you start - you'll have no time for interview prep


Anonymous A replied on May 15, 2019

I'm currently working, so cashflow is OK.

They want me to start in a month (max 6 weeks) if MBB will be, it will be in 8-10 weeks i assume. So it will be starting & switching in a month which is not the end of the world but i fear it might seem improper in the eyes of the MBBs, looking like surfing around the companies?

Anonymous updated his answer on Jun 03, 2019