Case Interview Coaching on PrepLounge

Coaching sessions are a great addition to your regular case interview practice with other peers. Former McKinsey, BCG or Bain consultants will give you the feedback you need to maximize your performance!

The Benefits of Booking Coaching Sessions on PrepLounge

Largest network of coaches
400+ coaches share their case interview and consulting expertise
9,000+ coaching sessions have been conducted through PrepLounge
You will find former management consultants from all top management consulting firms
Coaches are carefully screened by our team before their approval
Fair prices
We offer you different price ranges starting at USD 149 per session
Case coaches will give you comprehensive feedback on all dimensions

Great coaches on PrepLounge will

  • Tailor the coaching sessions according to your needs
  • Establish a long-lasting relationship to you
  • Give you the full transparency about the coaching process via PrepLounge

CoachingPlus: All-in-One Case Interview Preparation Package

Get a combination of coaching sessions plus a Premium Membership that gives you access to peer2peer practice and the most essential prep material on PrepLounge. You can choose among a list of ~20 experienced coaches.

CoachingPlus 3

  • 3 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
  • Plus a Premium Membership (6 months)
  • Your ideal case interview preparation course
USD 623 USD 549

CoachingPlus 5

  • 5 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
  • Plus a Premium Membership (6 months)
  • Your ideal case interview preparation course
USD 979 USD 759

CoachingPlus 10

  • 10 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
  • Plus a Premium Membership (6 months)
  • Your ideal case interview preparation course
USD 1,869 USD 1,289

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is case interview coaching and what is included in a coaching session?

Case interview coaching is a great addition to your case interview preparation. Coaches will go through a mock interview with you, consisting of both personal fit and case interview part. After, they will provide you with valuable feedback that you can implement in your case practice with other candidates which will help you improve your performance. The one-on-one session takes 60 minutes and is conducted via the PrepLounge meeting room or external (video) call providers.

Why should I choose PrepLounge for my coaching sessions?

On PrepLounge, you will find the largest network of case interview coaches including a transparent list of all case coaches. They have many years of experience at top consulting firms and have already helped thousands of candidates land their dream job offer. You can select your coach according to common criteria such as consulting background, price and ratings, but also according to the activity in our community (e.g. the Consulting Q&A). No other platform offers transparency like we do.

What type of coaching is the right choice for me?

Overall, the choice of coaching type depends on the specifics of your application (target firm, location, weaknesses, etc.), the size of your available budget, the number of coaching sessions you need, your wish for flexibility and to train with different kinds of coaches. On PrepLounge, we offer coachings in different price ranges and you can find coaching packages specifically tailored to your needs. Generally, we recommend our cost-efficient CoachingPlus package, as it also includes a 6-week Premium Membership with access to the most important PrepLounge resources.

Is case interview coaching always necessary?

Coaching has an extremely high return on investment. If you get an offer, you will be able to return your investment within the first week at work based on your salary package! Coachings can make the difference to assess your level, improve the personal fit part of the interview and polish your skills rights before the interview.

When is the right time to do coaching sessions?

As in many cases: it depends. Some candidates like to prepare independently with only some checkpoints with coaches along the way, while others like intense coaching throughout their entire case prep. Based on our experience, we recommend you start practicing with other peers about 1-2 months before your interview and schedule your coaching sessions between three to one week before your actual interview.

Meet Our Current Top 10 Coaches on PrepLounge

BCG, Opera Solutions
McKinsey & Company, pathtoconsulting
Diverse (i.a., Bain & Company)
Boston Consulting Group, Custom Case Coach, Appian Corporation
McKinsey & Company, Freelance, PwC, Accenture
EY-Parthenon, Bain & Company, Cummins, Roland Berger
Bitpanda, StrategyCase, McKinsey & Company, Kearney, Lufthansa
Freelancing Engagements, Roland Berger, GE Europe
EY-Parthenon, Bain & Company

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