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55 Coachings
MIT MBA | Bain & Co | Ex-Google | 4+ year coaching experience
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USD 799 / h
MIT MBA | Bain & Co | Ex-Google | 4+ year coaching experience
USD 799 / h
55 Coachings
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16 Awards
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What will you get out of our sessions?

  1. The ability to tailor your frameworks to the specific question so that every time they appear to be unique and flawless
  2. A simple 7-step methodology to smash every single market sizing question
  3. Honest, detailed and constructive feedback, focused on both the analytical side (cracking the case) and the interpersonal side (demonstrating confidence, communicating effectively, etc.)
  4. Advanced tips on how to shine in your interviews and impress your interviewer
  5. A performance tracker, broken down by the key skills that you will need to demonstrate during your interview
  6. A detailed preparation plan, tailored to your profile, experience, needs and time left before your interviews
  7. A unique approach to tackle personal experience / competency interviews


What will the format of our sessions be?

  • One full case interview adapted to your areas of focus (industries, type of case, difficulty of case) and target companies
  • Detailed feedback session, following a structured performance tracker to ensure that there are no gaps
  • Answers to all your questions 
  • After the session, I will be available for any questions that you may have, on my feedback, on the plan we developed or on anything else
Oct 01, 2017
by Charles
Interview Coaching
We went over a long case which looked at many different skillsets required for a case interview. Ignacio then provided me with very detailed feedbacks and areas to work on
Oct 01, 2017
by Anonymous
Interview Coaching
Sep 19, 2017
by Panos
Interview Coaching
Ignacio is a very effective coach and I would highly recommend him.
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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