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Ex-McKinsey | McKinsey recruiting team | 100% success rate | HBS, Wharton, IE | 1st session discount
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Ex-McKinsey | McKinsey recruiting team | 100% success rate | HBS, Wharton, IE | 1st session discount
360 customized MBB interview plan
Case deconstruction
Personal FIT coaching
USD 149 / h
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Note: My current fee is temporarily reduced for the first 5 coachees this month to increase my PrepLounge community. Please reach out to check availability.


Welcome to my profile! 

My name is Jaime and you are the reason why I am here. Before entering McKinsey, I shared the same doubts as you. I did not know what was expected of me in an MBB case interview and how to prepare and plan for it.

Consequently, I followed the same approach the vast majority of aspiring MBB consultants would do: reading best-seller consulting books, learning common frameworks by heart and case prepping with other blind candidates. Still, I knew this traditional approach was vague as I was missing the consulting competencies any partner would expect from an incoming consultant (e.g., structured problem solving, rapport building, data interpretation and presentation, etc).

As a result, after many hours of mentoring with MBB consultants, research and preparation, I developed my own, practical approach, which was later refined as a member of McKinsey’s case coaching team. A simple, to-the-point, yet complete method that ensures not only you nail the 2-rounds of case interviews ahead, but also secure the offer you are aiming for.



  • Ex-McKinsey consultant
  • Member of McKinsey recruiting and coaching team
  • Proven track record (100% success rate)
  • Head of Strategy in investment management
  • Pro-bono consultant at Ashoka
  • Dean’s List at IE, HBS, Wharton
  • Coach at IE and McGill consulting clubs



  1. Develop a case mindset
    • Master the basics: Become proficient in the key consulting skills expected in a case interview, no matter your starting point, past roles or academic background. Being above the bar is not enough.
    • Develop problem-solving skills: Learn how to structure your thinking and break down any problem into its key components to come up with sharp and reasoned solutions.
    • Integrate business acumen: Develop the required business sensitivity to approach cases from diverse perspectives that help you stand out as an imaginative yet well-grounded candidate.
    • Learn adaptable frameworks: Familiarize yourself with core and easy-to-adapt consulting frameworks without getting trapped in them.
  2. Build your unique story
    • Get ready for PEI: Secure spikes in all personal FIT dimensions with well-structured, to-the-point stories that showcase unique experience.
    • Stand out in motivation questions: Set yourself apart in your answers to the most common questions by accentuating alignment with the firm's culture and anticipated role.
    • Excel in Q&A: Prepare insightful questions that highlight brilliance and curiosity about the firm.
  3. Ace your quant
    • Prove chart literacy: Learn how to read charts and extract non-obvious insights that validate your hypothesis.
    • Fast-track your mental math: Accelerate your arithmetic skills through easy-to-learn tricks and timesavers that return accurate calculations.
    • Think in numbers: Incorporate key economic and financial formulas into your thinking that are essential to every MBB consulting interview.
  4. Hone your message
    • Perfect your recap: Master the art of fact-based recommendations that integrate previously discussed information.
    • Remember top-down: Articulate and prioritize your thoughts methodically, seamlessly transitioning from the big picture to details and vice versa.
    • Measure your language: Ensure proper delivery throughout the interview with attention to rapport, tone, clarity and conciseness.
    • Build confidence: Develop a positive and confident mindset in every case interview.
  5. Smart prepping
    • Co-develop an interview strategy: Establish jointly a preparation timeline by breaking down the application process into stages, adapted to your current level of readiness. This plan ranges from resume polishing and screening mock assessments to guidance through the last round of case interviews.
    • Practice and repeat: Train together real-life MBB mock interviews, whether full interviews or in-depth exercises with FIT storylining, mental math or chart reading, among others.
    • Implement feedback: Incorporate verbal and written feedback across real MBB assessment scorecards, including a tailored improvement plan with related case prep resources to work on and close the gap.


Now that you know me and my 5-step method, it is a downhill journey from here. Simply choose whether you prefer (1) individual, targeted sessions or (2) the coaching package including an individualized, sequenced coaching plan. Remember my current fee is temporarily reduced for the first 5 coachees this month to increase my PrepLounge community.

All things considered, I remain at your disposal. Should you have any questions about my approach, package or any other topic, feel free to reach out! I will be more than happy to have an initial free assessment.

Look forward to connecting!


Work Experience
Head of Strategy
Ninety Nine
2022 - now
Senior Consultant
McKinsey & Company
2020 - 2022
Senior Consultant
2020 - 2022
Growth Associate
Ninety Nine
2020 - 2020
Business Innovation Consultant
2019 - 2019
2018 - 2022
Compliance Intern
2018 - 2018
Detto Fatto
2015 - 2016
Corporate Finance Intern
2014 - 2014
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Harvard University
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No degree
University of Pennsylvania
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IE Business School
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