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When I did my first mock case with a friend, I failed it miserably. My friend looked at me, grimacing, and consoled me “you will do better next time.” The next 5 cases I did were no different.

Fast forward 3 weeks, and I secured a full time offer at McKinsey & Company. 

My success wasn't an accident. It was the result of a change in approach; a systematic and targeted way of approaching both my cases (and my ability to solve them) which generated results.

If you are looking to improve your casing, understand how to tactically set yourself apart in an interview, or don't yet know what you want but would love a roadmap, I am happy to help you.

My approach to case prep covers three elements: 

  1. Skills: how to structure, brain storm, perform mental maths, and interpret
  2. Communication: how to present and win over your interviewer
  3. How to prep so you don't need me anymore


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