Experienced providing detailed feedback for resume reviews, casing prep, and behavioral interview prep.
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Consulting interviews are often seen as a formulaic song-and-dance that candidates and firms indulge in to magically assess fit and future consulting success. However, having reflected on the ~60 cases I've done, as well as multiple final-round interviews I've had with MBB and other consulting firms, I've come to realize that the process is less important than the mindset it teaches (especially in the later rounds). 

My approach to coaching is two-fold:

1) We will learn the casing and behavioral processes - the processes that the interviewers expect you to know. This is table stakes, and something that can be learned with relative ease.

2) More importantly, we will practice adaptability and maintaining a flexible mindset, which is supremely important when faced with new situations or “non-traditional” cases that final-round interviewers love to throw your way.

During our coaching sessions, I will provide detailed feedback in every aspect of the case and/or behavioral interview, with specific situations and recommended modifications. I will also give recommendations for areas of improvement and other helpful resources.

What I expect from you: 

1) A positive attitude and willingness to learn: consulting interviews are not easy and they're highly competitive, especially at top firms. Sometimes you may perceive feedback as “nitpicking”; however, the margin for error in interviews is exceedingly low. You need to be as polished as possible.

2) A general sense of direction: While I'm happy to help you come up with a plan for success, I expect you to have SOME general idea of what your strengths and areas of opportunities are.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Henry Z.


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