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Hey there!

I do believe that there is no one-size-fits-for-all approach in case practice. What I observed so far during my individual prep sessions and MBA journey (and it’s not rocket science) is that there are two main types of preparation:

1- Quick and to-the-point -1 to 5 cases-

2- Slowly yet steadily -5 to 20 cases-

The good news is that I have experienced both styles and can be a help for both ways. In each type, I will give you original cases and provide very detailed and structured feedback that will allow you to focus on what to improve next.

If it will be a quick one, we’ll focus on the aspects that will help you cover all the fundamentals and boost your self confidence: 

- How to leave a strong impression with your introduction

- How to structure your case

- How to approach to market sizing questions

- What to do when brainstorming questions are asked

- How to synthesize in a solid way

If it will be slow and steady one, we’ll focus on all aspects such as: 

- All the items covered in the quick one

- Asking the right clarification questions based on the type of the case

- How to communicate your thoughts and excel at case leadership

- Common structure types and how to tailor them based on the case

- How to close the case in a very strong way

- What to do in unexpected circumstances

Also, given the fact that I have 3 years of entrepreneurship experience at an AI startup, I can also help you with bringing interesting and innovative ideas on the table, which will differentiate you from the other candidates!


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