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I come from an Politics & International Relations background (King's College London) and went into consulting after a Masters in Management at the London Business School.

I lived and worked in the UK, Lebanon, France, and Benin and therefore have strong knowledge of European, Middle Eastern and African consulting markets and recruitment processes.

I have been in 40+ interviews as a candidate with MBB, strategy consultancies, Big 4, and boutiques in a variety of contexts (1:1 cases, 1hr fit interview, group cases, assessment centres) for offices in London, Paris, Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut and Casablanca.

As an interviewer and case coach, I have conducted more than 50 interviews and mocks with candidates in-person and virtually.

As a consultant, I have worked in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Media, Energy, Public Sector, and Retail. My areas of expertise are Strategy, Organization Design, and Operating Models.

My coaching style is flexible and personal. I do my best to adapt my sessions to candidates' contexts with the right cases and fit questions for their interviews. I am also very happy to help with career advice and share my knowledge of firms and locations that would meet your preferences.


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