3 years as interviewer at Bain, interviewed >50 candidates and helped >30 MBA students secure MBB offers
Bain & Company, KPMG
English, German
Singapore (UTC +8)
USD 169 / hour
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In my coaching I try to give detailed examples so that candidates do not only understand what they are lacking but also how exactly they can get to the next stage

I find it important to not just give generic recommendations like “your CV must be more impact oriented” but really sit down with the candidate and look at some of his/her phrases and ask how this particular line can be improved

I  use anecdotes and examples of candidates that have made a strong impression on me in the past and will help new mentees to achieve similar levels

In case interviews I offer both the traditional version of running through an entire case with all its components but also a model that is more tailored to someone's needs. You need help structuring? Then let's not waste time on quants. You have done 1000 standard framework cases? Then let's do something a bit more individual. You have amazing drive but whenever there is a number, you get nervous? Let's breakthrough that!


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