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About me

After 5 great years in consulting, I left McKinsey London in July 2022 as Junior Engagement Manager. 

Before joining McKinsey, I received offers from BCG, Bain and other top-tier consulting firms. During my time in consulting, I’ve specialised in corporate strategy, growth strategy and PE/M&A, working with clients in the U.S., across most of Europe (UK, Germany, Benelux, Nordics, France, Italy, Spain), Middle East and China. 

How I can help

My coaching draws upon my extensive interviewing and recruiting experience, including:

  • Interviewing 50+ candidates for full-time and internships roles
  • Co-leading campus recruiting at Cambridge University
  • Teaching McKinsey case solving sessions for university students
  • Providing McKinsey-sponsored 1-on-1 case coaching to experienced hire track & diverse background candidates

I offer ambitious future consultants coaching sessions covering:

  • Case prep with cases selected/designed to address your individual development areas and in-depth, honest feedback that you’ll definitely be able to action with confidence in real interviews
  • PEI/behavioural interview coaching because PEI is arguably the hardest part of your consulting interviews and most neglected aspect of interview preparation
  • CV reviews and application strategy because it all starts with getting the interviews in the first place - having reviewed hundreds of CVs, I can tell you what parts of your CV are scoring you points and where you are making mistakes and how to fix them


I spend a lot of time coaching experienced, PhD and MBA candidates. I’ll walk you through how the hiring process differs (most info online targets university graduates) and tricks to navigate the process to increase your chances of getting the offer. I’ll help you tell your story to ensure interviewers recognise fit and ensure that they way you present your experience matches exactly with their and clients’ demand for hires with prior experience.

I left consulting just months ago for a senior in-house corporate strategy role. So rest assured you will receive up-to-date, accurate information and feedback.

Are you here for detailed, actionable feedback to help you succeed? I look forward to hearing from you!


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