Ex-McKinsey with an engineering background passionate about seeing candidates succeed
McKinsey & Company, CNRL, Devon Energy
Canada (UTC -7)
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Personal Experience Interview (PEI)
Case Coaching
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My Approach
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Every candidate has something unique to offer in the interviews and in the firms upon hiring. I am empathize on each candidate's excitement and concerns as I have been during my journey into getting hired.

My coaching approach is to guide candidates while highlighting their unique set of skills/ways of thinking in each aspect of the interview process by giving:

1. Tactical constructive feedback 

  • Generating new ideas on brainstorming
  • Crafting more effective ‘fit for purpose’ than textbook frameworks
  • Providing different approach on estimation

2. Insights on best practices 

  • Bridging conversation from being given the case lead to answering framework questions
  • Four-step check/guide on clarifying follow up questions

3. Perspective on each stage / rounds of the application process

  • Highlighting achievements in resume
  • Approach on the start, middle and end of each interview
  • Appropriate correspondence topics and cadence


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