Oliver Wyman | Partners in Performance | Siemens Advanta Consulting (ex-SMC) |INSEAD MBA | Interviewer | Tailored method
Oliver Wyman, Partners in Performance, Siemens Advanta Consulting
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100% Personalised interview prep and planning
Non-standard / Partner level real cases that get you the offer
Strategy and Operations cases from my library of original cases

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My Approach
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Why me
✔  I know both sides of the table very well
I have been trained as an interviewer by Partners in Performance and Oliver Wyman, and received multiple offers when I was interviewing during my MBA
✔  I can help you step up your game regardless of your current competency level
I know what is required at all steps of the process, the nuances between interview rounds and can help you improve quickly and efficiently
✔  I can guide you through the whole recruitment process
Cracking the case is essential in landing the job offer, however one should not underestimate the steps that need to be taken to reach to that final (hiring) Partner interview. I can help you with reviewing your CV and cover letters, networking with individuals from target firms as well as mastering your Fit interview (which is critical to not only succeed, but also to avoid working at a place where you may end up being unhappy)
My approach
What I will do for you
1. TAILORED - I will provide you with a 100% personalized/tailored preparation after we have an initial discussion to better understand your background and needs
2. ALL TYPES OF REAL CASES - I will provide you with coaching that is supported by my extensive real case library (market sizing, strategy and operations cases for initial and final rounds) and assessment frameworks
3. END TO END PROCESS SUPPORT - I will help you be the best candidate you can be, by supporting you all the way through the process from CV review to final round interview
What I will NOT do
1. I will not overwhelm you with unnecessary material
2. I will not ditch you after our coaching sessions - I will be responsive to your future queries and supportive in any way that I can with helping you achieve your career goals
3. I will not just give you some feedback and pointers after a case, but will provide you with a written feedback form with clear action points to ensure you can focus your efforts at the right areas to progress 


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