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I am a Project Leader at BCG Dubai office. Before that, I was a Senior Manager at Strategy&, with ~5 years of consulting experience in the Middle East region. I was an active member of the recruiting team and interviewed 50+ candidates. I have regularly coached potential candidates get through the process.

My approach will be to simplify the entire interview process for prospective candidates, all the way from putting together a top-notch CV for screening to having dedicated tools and frameworks for cracking the fit/case interviews with the partners. I will leverage practical real life case examples covering all elements required to master the case interview process.

I will provide a comprehensive feedback across some of the key dimensions utilized by the consulting companies to measure candidate's performance. I will also provide my personal contact details so the candidates can reach out for any clarifications during the end-to-end interview process. I will be really committed to ensure that the candidates get the best offers out there.


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