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Hi, I am new here, but definitely not new to consulting recruiting. I started my career in the automotive industry (~4 years @ Volkswagen) and after receiving 3 offers (Bain, McKinsey and Gradus) I joined Bain as an Industry Hire, which usually is a more challenging process. I have been within Bain for the last 6+ years. 

The transition from corporate to consulting is always difficult, and I decided to remain very close to the recruiting process, which is a passion. Participated in the Group Dynamics evaluation team for a year, and right after started as an interviewer. This means 6 years within consulting recruiting and ~5 years interviewing candidates from all over the world for offices in different continents. 

Right now I am on a sabbatical period, traveling around the world, and decided to join the community to keep helping other people to successfully enter the consulting business. 

My approach will be tailored to your needs:
- What are your differentiating strengths
- How to best sell yourself in the ‘fit’ part?
- How to leverage the above for a succesful case interview?
- What are the challenges when moving from other professions to consulting?

There is usually no ‘right/wrong’ approach, but there are definitely better ways of using your knowledge and background to most successfully structure the case, communicate assertively, extract the most out of the interview and, ultimately, get the offer(s). 

Let's talk? Count on me for finding the best approach to make you succeed!


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