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BCG PL|Tailored interviews|MBB &T2|20+ personal interview success|100+ real interviews & coachings @BCG (top tier coach)
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Happy to e-meet you. First, glad that you want to join consultancy and congratulation on taking that first step. Consulting is an amazing journey full of passion and achievements. I have been doing this for 13 years now in 2 firms, and I am here to help you to achieve your dream and making sure that you are a very successful consultant. Below is my battle-tested personal approach during coaching sessions to support you (80-85% success rate across geographies for MBB & T2 firms): 

End-to-end coaching

From a content perspective, we will be discussing both:

-Fit interview in depth, with the focus of how to properly introduce and sell yourself, being structured in your answers and being to the point (neither being too generic, nor going too far) 

-Case interview, leveraging on your strengths and mostly focusing on where you need improvement. It is all tailored based on a pre-discussion to assess your starting point. We can do here interviewer led(McK style) or interviewee led (BCG style). From a form perspective, we will discuss how to stand out by showing to your interviewer that you can be a good match for his team, and he can envision working with you. 

The other side of the table

I will walk you through the psychology of the interviewer so you will be able to know what interviewer are looking, how to spot some critical signs during the interview and how to react to difficult situations to turn them around and put them at your advantage. 

Detailed candidate assessment

I have developed a personal and very detailed dashboard on core dimensions that are assessed during the interview (firm fit, team settings, structure, problem solving, business sense, creativity, math, communication, case type, industry, etc) and the dashboard will help you see your progression and know exactly where to focus the most. 

Coaching beyond the case: how to become a successful consultant

The closer you will get to your offer (or if you already have an offer), we will discuss some critical tips to become a very successful consultant and secure your probation period. We will discuss some soft skills that will allow you to navigate easily in team and client environment. 

I will be excited to help you, and hopefully we will chat soon. 

In any case, good luck and wish you all the best. Looking forward having you in the industry!


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