Ex-Strategy& Senior Engagement Manager | 9 year consulting experience (5 years as an interviewer)
Malaysia (UTC +8)
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I am a former Senior Engagement Manager with Strategy& Southeast Asia, and have spent the last 5 years of my career interviewing candidates ranging from Interns, to Associates, Senior Associates (MBA entry), and Engagement Managers for the practice. Additionally, I have also coached a number of my personal contacts in both case and fit interviews, and they have been placed in top consultancies (MBB) around the world, i.e. USA, Australia, and Singapore. 

My approach is personalised whereby I provide you with a case study as a starting point to gauge your strengths and development areas - we will then focus on bridging the gaps that you may have, whether is it in identifying the right structure, asking the right questions, and most importantly on confident verbal presentation / communications. I believe that if you are well prepared, you will do well whether it's a interviewer-led or interviewee-led case study. 

As an extension of my personalised approach, we will also be taking some time to get to know you better in preparation for the fit interview - the more I know about you and your history, the better I can assist / support in this instance. We will go through a few questions that are typically asked in an interview, using your answers as a base, we will then craft a narrative that is coherent, compelling, and most importantly, memorable. 

I strongly believe that with the right foundation and mindset in approaching both the case and fit interview, you will be able to tackle all kinds of scenarios that can come up throughout your interviewing journey. 

With my experience as an interviewer and coaching others, I believe that I can bring a combined perspective to help you succeed in your interviews. Do reach out if you have any questions!


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