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I have a successful, battle-tested approach to preparing candidates for consulting case and behavioral interviews. The success of my sessions is driven by my significant interview experience and my customized and personal approach. My mock interviews consistently receive the highest feedback ratings. I have extensive experience in giving and delivering case interviews, and I have helped dozens of applicants be successful with MBB firms.

I can also leverage my own experience, as I have personally interviewed with many companies, such as BCG, Bain, KPMG, Deloitte, Google, Uber, and many others. During my time at BCG, I interviewed or prepped dozens of candidates in a case interview setting and led case interview and CV training. During business school I was the Chair of the Consulting Club, executing and facilitating hundreds of case prep sessions with classmates and experts.

To personalize the session, I connect with interviewees beforehand to confirm the context and objectives for the session. I look forward to helping you during this process.


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