PL-level BCG experience (6 years)|Interviewer at BCG| 6/6 personal + 95%+ candidates offer success rate
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MBB case interview coaching
FIT interview nuances
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My Approach
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1. Higher MBB Seniority vs. most coaches on platforms and ex-BCG interviewer

  • Ex PL2 – 6 years at BCG both in Europe and NA
  • Official interviewer for > 1 year at BCG

 2. My method UBER-worked for me as a post-MBA candidate (6 offer      out of 6 applications from non-target school)

  • Secured 6 offers out of 6 applications from BCG, Bain, Strategy&, ATK, AlixPartners, LEK (disclaimer: did not apply to McK 😊 ) from a non-target MBA school

3. Track record – Success rate > 95% and Happy clients

  • My KPIs @ today (cross-platforms)
    • BCG: 57 successful candidates / 60 coached* (95%)
    • Other consultancies:  67/70 successful candidates coached* (96%)
  • Reference list of happy clients SMS / messages available upon request (See below examples)

4. Higher “bang for the buck”

  • My typical session lasts > 2 hours. I have no watches + I am not here for the money


HIGHLIGHT OF MY PROGRAM (detailed pdf available upon request) 

  1. CV Review: using MBB CV templates
    1. Cover letter review: using MBB cover letter templates
    2. Network your way in: how to use linkedin + other platform to get a referral to MBBs in < 1 month
  2. Baseline: 360-degree assessment session (> 2 hours) with development of tailored study plan
  3. Standard MBB “study plans” (< 15 days to interview, > 30 days to interview up to 120 days to interview)
  4. Market-sizing “demystifying” (Part 1+2): proven approaches to finally tackle any possible shape of form of market sizing
  5. Case Framework deep-dive:
    • Detailed xls w/ tailored case framework shaped from MBB content
    • The framework “mindset” – how you will not need frameworks anymore
  6. Problem solving training
    • Problem solving trained as delivered in MBB – beyond the available books (sorry Pyramid Principle)
  7. Communication skills: how to be your “best self” during the interview process – subtle nuances included: being perceived as a colleague vs. a candidate
  8. Fit interview leapfrog program: the most underestimated yet powerful way to stand-out
    • “I have done my homework”: tailored responses to avoid sounding like a robotic generic candidate
    • The “story matrix” (MBB Alumni resources) vs. fit questions
    • Going beyond the “STAR” method


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