Dr. Cyrosch

Seasoned consultant/scale-up executive (ex-Bain As. Partner of 10y, MD Scale up) / 500+ interviews / 100% success rate
Tink AB (Open Banking), auxmoney GmbH (EUs biggest alternative / crowdlender), Bain & Company
English, German
Germany (UTC +1)
USD 319 / hour
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Experience: Senior interviewer (conducted 500+ interviews in consulting & strategy)
Best Invest-Return-Ratio: Maximum effect of each session
Tailored approach - identifying the main areas to work on (structure, quants, case cracking etc.)

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I have been an interviewer of 500+ interviews in my career for Associate, Consultant, Project Manager, Senior Manager/Principal roles as well as senior corporate strategy, corporate/business development and VP roles. In addition, I was giving final round interviews, gave out offers and was the interview captain/manager at recruiting days in my role as Associate Partner in my c. 10 years at Bain and in senior management of Fintechs. 

I have conducted interviews for offices in 8 countries (DACH, Dubai, Saudi, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan) and know the specifics as well as case focus. 

I have coached more than 100 people over the past 12 years with highest success rates in top tier consulting or strategy roles. I got the feedback that people feel the individual approach as well as a steep learning curve when working with me.  



I have learned one thing about being successful in Top tier consulting and strategy roles that I teach the people that I coach: a) Understanding your strengths and weaknesses b) Getting the fundamentals right c) Developing a routine and feeling comfortable in cracking business problems. 

The key for a successful interview prep is the right focus and a clear structure to prepare. It is important for me to make the most out of each training session, so you will always have some elements of cases cracking in there - become a case master!


My coaching is exactly build in this way to save time and money for you: 


Beforehand: Send me the following: 

  • your CV

  • an overview of your prep work and feedback (if available) so far

  • A self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses


  1. Session

  • Quick intro with discussion of your ambition and goals, your prep so far, and self assessment 

  • Quick assessment case with debrief for me to understand your style as well as main areas of focus (structure, leadership, quants, social skills, etc.)

  • Training plan as well as tipps and tricks for self study to prepare for the next session

  • Very clear and actionable advice on how to tackle the focus areas 

2. Session

  • 1. Minimum of two cases (different industries) - this is where you need to excel
  • 2. Actionable feedback and tailored aproach to tackle your weak spots
  • 3. Review coachig plan

3. Session and onwards: 

  • According to plan, but it will always be cases and/or tailored exercise

  • If an interview is upcoming - special training on CV/”give-and-get” training to have a great start into an interview and learnings on how to build a good relationship with the interviewer



I hope to get everyone ready at latest the 3rd session. It is about focus and tailoring the coaching process, so the above is just an example of a structure. If you already have a clear plan and just want practice and last minute advice, this is also perfectly all right. 

Let’s get there together and become a master case cracker!


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