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A Harvard graduate and ex-consultant from McKinsey's San Francisco office, I am now an experienced consulting interview coach with a >90%+ candidate success rate. 

My interview preparation approach is personalized and comprehensive. I don't use cookie-cutter training plans - rather, I work WITH you to understand your needs and develop coaching sessions that are 100% tailored to you. In addition, I offer more than generic case and fit interview preparation - I view the interview process as a comprehensive experience, and have workshops targeting every part of that process from the minute you walk through the door.



My approach is 100% personalized to fit your needs. I will use what YOU would like to work to put together the perfect coaching session uniquely tailored to you. 

My standard coaching sessions include the following:

1. Case/fit interview diagnostic - Following a mock interview to assess your preparedness, we will identify your main strengths and weaknesses and discuss your overall level of preparedness in light of the deadlines you face. I will suggest the most helpful next steps for you and answer any questions and doubts you have about the interview process.

2. Case/fit mock interview - A longer mock interview covering all key areas of the case/fit interview (such as graphical interpretation, brainstorming, and quantitative analysis for the case; and most common interview questions for the fit).

3. Case interview problem area deep dive - Is there a particular aspect of the case interview that you would like more practice with (such as structuring, graphical analysis, math, frameworks, conclusions, or something else)? We will hone in on that specific area, review best-in-class techniques and run through some practice questions to ensure that each part of your case is perfect.

4. Acing the fit interview workshop - The fit interview is just as important as the case interview, and yet it is consistently neglected by most candidates in their preparation. In this workshop, we will practice the key fit interview questions you MUST know how to answer, review the optimal ways to approach questions that most candidates get wrong, go through top interview techniques and discuss how they apply in your specific case, and workshop your stories to make them really stand out.

5. Resume/cover letter review and workshop - In this workshop, we will go through the key components to a successful resume/cover letter, analyze some best-in-class examples, and workshop your resume/cover letter to make sure you land that interview offer!



  • Insights from the most highly demanded McKinsey office: I was a Business Analyst in McKinsey's San Francisco office, one of the most competitive and highly-demanded consulting offices in the world. I have a lot of hands-on experience with the recruiting process there, as well as general expertise in the highly-demanded US markets.
  • Harvard “target school” background: My education at Harvard, a “target school” for top-tier consulting firms, gave me access to resources and information that were unavailable to the majority of other candidates. I am now looking to share those resources and knowledge with you.
  • Recent experience: I worked as a McKinsey consultant in 2018-2020, and have a lot of current knowledge about what the recruiting process looks like today, including any COVID-specific adjustments that firms have made. This ensures that my insights are up-to-date and relevant.
  • Extensive experience: I have been deeply involved with the recruiting process as a candidate, mentee, mentor, and coach. I have coached for 5+ years with a 90%+ candidate success rate, and have worked through 200+ cases. I seek to bring you the best of all my learnings.
  • Learning from the best: As a candidate, I used consulting coaching services such as PrepLounge extensively, culminating in 50+ hours of one-on-one coaching and 10+ group workshops. As a result, my insights come not only from personal experience, but from the advice and mentorship of many other top coaches.

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