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About me: I have 3+ years of McKinsey consulting experience. During my time at McKinsey, I took part in several recruiting events and regularly coached potential candidates. I have recently shifted my career to social impact. I'm passionate about talent development and education, and am currently pursuing my MBA studies at Oxford on a full scholarship as a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholar.

General philosophy: I strongly believe that preparing for case interviews (especially for the first round) is 95% about practice. You have to know the case types and build essential skills such as mental math, structuring and top down communications. I also believe that less is more when it comes to frameworks and the majority of the cases can be solved with 2 basic business concepts: profitability and supply and demand. 


Personalized coaching: Our first coaching starts with getting to know each other a little bit (goals, preparation so far, timeline) and solving a complex case, followed by detailed feedback. Based on your performance and the amount of time you have to prepare, I'll build a preparation plan with you. Similarly to the GMAT preparation, you want to prioritize your practice and solve quality cases that will most likely come up during the interview process, rather than wasting your time on rare case studies / frameworks that I have never heard anyone receiving during the real interview process. Moreover, I'm very happy to engage in conversations about the consulting profession in general, too.

Feedback: I give honest, observation-based feedback, but with an emphasis on strengths - based on my experience, every candidate has unique strengths to build on. I want to make sure we leverage these during the application process and not just focus on improvement areas. 

Storytelling: I can help you share your personal fit question stories in a compelling way. 

Concepts: I always take time to explain concepts if necessary e.g., related to finance. 



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