Physician, McKinsey Alum
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, McKinsey & Company
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Brief background: Malhar is pursuing an MD at Duke University School of Medicine, scheduled to graduate in May 2020. He will then go to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for a residency in internal medicine. He completed the 2 year MD fellowship with McKinsey & Company, where he was a management consultant serving health systems, pharma, medical device, and non profit clients. He is passionate about improving healthcare delivery and looks forward to combining his clinical and business training to tackle evolving healthcare issues.

Malhar approaches coaching by putting the student first, ensuring responsiveness and individual catering based on his students' needs. Generally, first sessions will involve outlining specific goals and performance metrics, roles & responsibilities, and cadence of future sessions. Then, subsequent sessions will be tailored to meet the individual students' needs, whether they be management consulting case prep, healthcare industry nuances, or general career advice and advancement. The experience will be driven by the student to ensure it meets his or her needs.


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