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Have you been anxious about your upcoming consulting interviews? Spending 2 hours to exchange cases and not being sure whether that was actually helpful? Coming to the actual interview and realizing you could have done better?

I have. 

I have also spent 3 years on the other side - interviewing people. This made me realize how often candidates fail simply because the mock cases they do differ from a real life interview experience.

My approach is to give you this real-life experience. It is not limited by a case and feedback on a solution. I will help you understand

  • how ready you are for the real interview,
  • what are the critical things you should work on, and
  • what you have to highlight to make yourself special candidate.

Together, we will define specific next steps and their priority. I will then share recommendations and practical tools for you to addres these.

My sessions are very flexible. They are not time-constrained and can cover case-solving skills, behavioral interview questions, consulting career advise, and even MBA application coaching. Discounts are available from the first session.


  • 5 years in consulting (3 as an interviewer) at Oliver Wyman
  • 50+ candidates coached annually (95% success rate)
  • Cases in English and Russian (if needed)


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