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I interviewed and coached many candidates over my consulting career. When you are on the other side of the table, most weak candidates look the same to you - I could almost predict where they would trip and what would go wrong.

At the same time, best candidates move through cases (which are all fairly straightforward, to be honest) very quickly, within 15-20 minutes and they also have a limited set of common traits. 

My passion and commitment is to move candidates from the first group to the second and do it in a pragmatic, efficient way - so that you minimize your expenses while maximizing your chances of getting an offer.

I like to engage with candidates outside of coaching sessions too - e.g., I ask to send me answers to fit questions or case openings as voice messages via Whatsapp and spend a considerable time listening and commenting. This allows them to be better prepared for the next session and use the face-to-face time more efficiently to work on nuances. 

Finally, I like to have a bonus session with candidates, where they can give me a case of their choice and see me solve it. This is very useful, actually!

I'm happy to have a brief intro chat to see where you are and how I could help - feel free to ping me!


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