BCG Consultant | Interview Coach | Coached 30+ candidates prepare for MBB interviews
Boston Consulting Groip (BCG), Microsoft
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Case interview preparation
Resume/CV and Cover Letter advice
Behavioral / Fit interview questions preparation

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My Approach
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The resources and case expertise I have gathered while working at BCG and during my time as a career advisor and interview coach allow me to support trainees in case-interview preparation, behavioral/fit questions, CV/cover letter advice and analytical test preparation.

A tailored approach

Having gone through the recruiting process for major consulting firms multiple times in the last few years, I can bring fresh insights into the most updated interview requirements at various firms. Most Importantly, I understand the recruitment process from the candidate's perspective.

My goal in our prep sessions will be to provide you with a list of very tangible KPIs that you can use to track your case performance improvements after the session. This "actionable feedback" will allow us to assess your improvements along with the same metrics in the next session and tailor the preparation to your particular situation. My experience coaching MBB candidate at my university has shown me that 2-3 feedback-driven case interview sessions can have a more powerful impact to boost case performance than many "random" cases. This is what we will aspire to achieve in our session. 

Bonuses / additional material :

- Advice/best practices on how to secure an offer during the internship/trial period
- Extensive case library and related resources to draw from. Can also provide cases for your individual practice between sessions.
- Interview DOs/DON’Ts and other soft tips

To maximize your benefit from our sessions:

It would be great if you could inform me of where you are applying or what firm you are interviewing with so that I can prepare a customized session.

In particular, if you have limited or no case experience, please let me know your ability level so that I can provide you with some material to prepare before our session.



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